Industrial Roller Doors

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Each of our installers has been trained to deliver best-practice, quality results, safely with no hassles. With HVGD support and Centurian doors and remote control motors you will find your quotes winning more work over your competition. Unlock the secret of managing your building projects by involving HVGD in your construction plan.

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HV Garage Doors is an exclusive dealer to the Hunter Valley and Central Coast areas, bringing new products and innovations that will ensure your development stands out from the rest. That special finishing touch to each of your homes will make you the region’s developer of choice.

Industrial Roller Doors

Gliderol Industrial GlideRol-a-Door™ Designed to provide reliable service for years to come, the Industrial GlideRol-a-Door™ offers counterbalanced spring assembly, allowing smooth and reliable operation of your Gliderol door.

Adding style and character to any building, if you’re looking for a secure, reliable and strong roller door then Gliderol’s Industrial GlideRol-a-Door™ is the right roller door for your business.



Overhead door operator

With the belt safely enclosed in a rollformed steel section, all components of the GTS Optima are housed within the operator’s cover. With a low voltage motor (24 volt), the GTS Optima is as quiet as any other belt unit on the market.

The state-of-the-art three button transmitter is G+ compatible, which can be included in the protective steel cover.


Commercial Door Opener

The Glidermatic IGDU is specifically designed for continuous curtain roller doors, supplying more than sufficient force to lift almost any commercial roller door without exerting undue stress on the door. The operator can be factory fitted or retrofitted on site and comes with a fully insulated control box with built in switches and a wall mounted waist high manual override.

The Glidermatic IGDU is one of the strongest garage door operators on the market and has been thoroughly tested by an underwriters laboratory and proven in the commercial and industrial field.